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    The prefecture of Xanthi is a place to escape where each visitor can experience the tradition, the beauty of nature, the action and the relaxation by escaping from everyday life.
    The Old Town is the jewel of Xanthi as it travels you through tradition with the architecture of buildings and the cobblestone streets. There is the Folk Museum and the Municipal Art Gallery which are housed in stately buildings of maximum beauty.
    Important landmarks are the two monasteries of Panagia (Archangeliotissas and Kalamous), high on the head of the city. The bazaar of Xanthi every Saturday is famous and emits a scent from the East. The Nestos Delta offers activities and relaxing moments together, depending on the preference of every visitor.
    Of great interest is the picturesque fishing village of Porto Lagos with the Lake-Biotope Vistonida and the monastery of Agios Nikolaos. Another village with historic interest is Avdira , its Archaeological Museum houses finds excavated from ancient Avdira.
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