Lake Vistonida

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    Lake Vistonida is a brackish lake in the borders between Xanthi and Rodopi and is protected by the Ramsar Convention. The lake is surrounded by reed beds, riveside forests and fresh water lakes and wet meadows.

    A brackish lake lying in the prefectures of Xanthi and Rodopi. In combination with other lakes and coastal lagoons, has joined the protections of the Ramsar Convention and has been designated a “Special Protected Area” and a “Special Protected Mediterranean Area». Lake Vistonida is surrounded by reeds. Stretching bands around the trees, salt meadows, wet meadows and riparian forests. Part of the ecosystems of the region is threatened by land reclamation projects and pollution from nearby human presence - industrial and domestic - also affects the region. The Vistonida hosts valuable wildlife.

    In species that breed here, are the pygmy cormorant, the night heron, the krypto tsiknias, the white tsiknias and grey tsiknias, the avoketta , the Stilt and the Roller. Migrating species that pass through here are the White Pelican, the curlew and the glossy ibis. Many aquatic birds are seen here in winter, like the cormorant, the kastanochina and the Lesser White Fronted Goose.
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