Xanthi A city with thousands of colors


The prefecture of Xanthi is a place to escape where each visitor can experience the tradition, the beauty of nature, the action and the relaxation by escaping from everyday life.

Nestos River

Once next to it lived the ancient Thracian tribe Sapaion, today is the most ideal place for nature lovers, tourists, the friends involved in the sport of kayaking and for those who love sports...

Lake Vistonida

Lake Vistonida is a brackish lake in the borders between Xanthi and Rodopi and is protected by the Ramsar Convention. The lake is surrounded by reed beds, riveside forests and fresh water lakes ...

Xanthis Carnival

Xanthis carnival has set its own course in time and has fanatic friends who every year wear their new uniforms and parade with the King of Carnival on the streets of the beautiful city of Thrace.